About the author - Antun Mateš: The enchanted angler

About the author

Antun Mateš was born on 23rd November 1945 in Zagreb, as a second child to Josipa Rod and Šandor, a master woodturner. He attended the Zagreb School for Applied Arts, where he would later, from 1987 to 1995, teach and and also hold the position of the head of the Graphics Department. In 1969 he graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of the renowned figurative painter Miljenko Stančić. He was also an active sportsman, competing in Greco-Roman wrestling for Prvomajska and for Lika. When he found employment as a designer with the Vjesnik publishing house he also returned to a passion from his youth – fishing, becoming a contributor to Ribolov, an angling magazine, and writing a column “Big and Small Fish” for the popular sports weekly SN Revija.

Antun Mateš

He participated in the Vikend weekly’s “Golden Hook” competitition and after winning 17 trophies, he gave up competing to become involved in organizing the competition. As a painter he has been exhibited many times, of which over 50 were solo exhibitions. Beside Zagreb and Croatia, his works, initially mainly watercolours and later oils and graphics, have been exhibited all over the world, from North America, Europe, India and the rest of Asia to Australia and Argentina, in the galleries of New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Mainz, Munich, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Portland, New Delhi, Buenos Aires, Trieste and others. The painter’s life has been put to prose by the author Goran Tribuson in the monograph Mateš – Painting and Rememberances. At the famous book fair in Frankfurt in 1996 his album European Walks was declared the most beautiful in the class of calendars and against those featuring works by August Mack, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Juan Miró, Egon Schile and others. This success was repeated with his latest album The Dawn of the Millenium, beating the competition from the US, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands and so on, at the 50th jubilee invitational exhibition of calendars in Stuttgart in 2000. His works can be found in numerous collections and museums in Croatia and around the world. The Enchanted Angler – Book One: Trout in 2004, his first book, was published on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the first Zagreb Fishers’ Society and this is his second book. As a member of the Croatian Party of Rights, which was founded 145 years ago, he was a councillor in the Zagreb City Council. He is married to Melita, a biochemist, with whom he has two sons, Lovro and Matija.

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