Impressum - Antun Mateš: The enchanted angler


Most of the text of this book was written in 2005 for the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Croatian Sports Fishing Association. The book in Croatian and German was first printed in Spring 2008 and this first edition in English is printed in Autumn 2009. The book was conceived, written and shaped by the author alone. All rights are reserved by the author and his heirs. The author permits the texts to be quoted and the photographs to be reproduced only for scientific and non-commercial purposes on the condition that the source be named.

Josip Zdunić

Linda Zanella

J&B i autor

Idea, Text and Design:
Antun Mateš

Cover Design:
Art studio Azinović

Page Layout:
J&B Franjo Vesel

Proof Reader:
Žarko Anić - Antić

Expert Review:
prof. dr. Roman Safner

Speleology Consultant:
Branko Jalžić - Bančo

Angling Terminology Adviser:
Saša Kesić

J&B d.o.o. Franjo Vesel

Press, Finishing and Binding:
J&B d.o.o. Kersch offset

The publication of this book was financially aided by the Zagreb City Council and by the Croatian Sports Fishing Association

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